Hey! I'm A Small Business Owner Like You.

Mike here. And I run an online music education company called ZERMELO.

I sell online courses -- and other digital products -- aimed to help house music producers make better music and achieve their goals.

This website (the one you're reading now) is dedicated to sharing what I learn about business, marketing, email, websites, and everything else along the way.

What you need to run an online, info-product business: 

You need four basic things:

  1. A way to generate traffic
  2. A way to collect emails
  3. An email service provider
  4. A digital product

The basic business model is this: Traffic comes. You collect emails. You sell to your email list.

Here are the tools I use:

Getting traffic and leads:

I generate traffic organically -- mostly through YouTube and SoundCloud because that's where my target audience is.

This traffic is directed to my WordPress website. And these are the tools I use:

  • A2 Hosting -- Web hosting for my WordPress websites. I also use A2 to buy domains.
  • Astra Themes -- The WordPress theme I use (super lightweight).
  • Thrive Themes -- I use Thrive Themes to build WordPress pages (Thrive Architect) and to collect emails (Thrive Leads).

Emailing your leads and customers:

After someone goes to my site and subscribes to my email list, they're sent to ConvertKit. From here, I send emails with more value (blog posts or YouTube tutorials) or let them know about new products and promotions.

Selling digital products:

Like I mentioned above, I sell music production courses and some digital download products.

  • Kajabi -- I use Kajabi to host my online courses and as the payment processor/checkout system.
  • ThriveCart -- I use ThriveCart as a checkout cart and product delivery service for my downloadable products.

Which tools I use the most:

The products that are at the core of my business -- the ones I interact with on a daily basis:

  • Thrive Architect -- to build landing pages, blog posts, and sales pages
  • ConvertKit -- to send emails and monitor sales sequences
  • Kajabi -- to build courses and interact with students

Blog Posts:

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