Hey! I'm A Small Business Owner Like You.

Mike here. And I run an online music education company called ZERMELO.

I sell online courses -- and other digital products -- that help house music producers make better songs and achieve their goals with music.

This website is dedicated to sharing what I learn about business along the way.

What Do You Need To Run An Online Business That sells information/digital products?

To run an online business, you need four basic things:

  1. A way to generate traffic
  2. A way to collect emails (or "lead magnet")
  3. An email service provider
  4. A digital product (course, ebook, etc.)

#1 - How To Generate Traffic?

There are two general ways:

  • Paid Advertising
  • Content Marketing

Paid advertising is where you pay companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc. to put an ad in front of their users.

The upside here is that you're guaranteed to get your message in front of some eyeballs -- and therefore, get some traffic. The downside is that it's expensive -- especially if your messaging is off.

Content marketing where you simply make useful content for people. The most popular ways are through a WordPress blog or Social Media.

The upside is that it's free. The downside is that you have to do a lot of work before you see any traffic.

I personally use YouTube and SoundCloud as my content marketing platforms. I post music production tutorials on YouTube. And I post music and free downloads on SoundCloud.

[more coming...]

Here is what I use (Affiliate links):

A2 Hosting -- Web hosting for my WordPress websites (like this one)

Astra Themes -- The WordPress theme I use

ThriveThemes -- I use Thrive Themes to build WordPress pages (Thrive Architect) and to collect emails (Thrive Leads)

ConvertKit -- This is my email service provider.

Deadline Funnel -- I use this to create authentic deadlines.

Kajabi -- I use Kajabi to host the courses I sell and as the checkout cart for the courses.

ThriveCart -- I use ThriveCart as a checkout cart and product delivery service for my other digital products.

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