How To Split-Test Landing Pages With Thrive Themes Optimize

If you're not collecting emails as a business, then you should expect to be forgotten!

Collecting emails lets you keep in contact with your leads and customers. You can build a relationship with them. Get to know them. Discover their needs. And ensure that your products and services are actually helping them.

Without this interaction, people that come in contact with your brand will likely forget all about you.

So, you NEED to be collecting emails. And we collect emails through landing pages

A landing page is a page that someone lands on via a search result, marketing promotion, email promotion, advertisement, etc. And the landing page -- which is usually very simple -- encourages the customer to take ONE action, such as giving you their email address (in exchange for something that will help them).

Not all landing pages are equal. It's important to try out different landing pages to see what words and offers connect best with your prospects. So we test different variables on the landing page and hope that some changes will lead to collecting more emails.

For example, simply changing the headline on your page could potentially increase the conversion rate of your landing page by 10x, or more! So ABT -- always be testing.

In the video below, I show you how to test different landing pages on your WordPress website using Thrive Themes Optimize.

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for Thrive Themes. I use their products to build all my websites (including this one). And I highly recommend their products if you want to get serious about building effective and professional-looking websites. Here is my affiliate link:

(I will get a small commission if you purchase Thrive Themes through that link. But the cost will be the same for you! So win-win!)

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