Thrive Architect Tutorial: How To Build A Product Page With Thrive Architect

In today's video, I modify an existing product page on my main website using Thrive Architect.

Before the change the page looked like this:

It's not that bad, but I think I can make it cleaner.

First, I think 4 products per row is too crammed. So I'm going to switch it to 3 products per line.

Also, there is no clear CTA per product. There's a price, image, title, and preview, but there's nothing that says: "Buy Here" or "Learn More."

So I want to add a clear CTA and I want to be mindful of where someone is in the buying process.

After these changes and some other tweaks, the final page looks like this:

I think this is much cleaner.

And as an update, cleaning the page up has increased sales quite a bit. And the reason is simple:

If someone stumbles on this page, they don't have to guess or think about what they have to do. They either preview, buy or learn more. And most visitors will do one of these three things -- instead of leaving the page.

I documented these changes in this video and showcase the power of Thrive Architect. Literally anything you can think of you can create. And that's what I love about it!

Watch the video now:

If you're interested in Thrive Architect, you can learn more through my affiliate link:

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